Review: Boyle County’s “Mean Girls” is a hit

Published 2:00 pm Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Boyle County Schools’ production of “Mean Girls: The High School Version” brought a great turnout at Saturday’s showing at the Boyle County Performing Arts Center.

The theater was full of laughs as Boyle County students put on an impressive act. The show is an enjoyable experience sure to get a laugh from viewers, whether you are a fan of the original film, Broadway show, or have never seen it all.

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The show is a comedic and insightful look at the complexities of teenage life, highlighting the importance of staying true to oneself in a world filled with fake friends and ruthless competition.

The play follows the lives of four high school girls as they navigate the treacherous waters of teenage social hierarchy. Popular queen bee Regina George (played by Lilla Walter) rules the school with an iron fist, alongside her loyal minions Gretchen Wieners (Anne Perry) and Karen Smith (Maya Smith) in a group called the Plastics. However, their reign is threatened when a new girl Cady Heron (Emery Larson) arrives and quickly catches the eye of Regina’s ex-boyfriend, the charming but dimwitted Aaron Samuels (Austin Gorley).

Cady is taken under the wing of outsiders Janis Sarkisian (Sophia Wilson) and Damian Hubbard (Demani Bell), who have their own vendetta against Regina. With their help, Cady embarks on a mission to take down the Plastics from the inside. As Cady delves deeper into the world of high school politics, she must navigate love triangles, betrayal, and the dangers of becoming just like the very girls she set out to destroy.

The students and crew put on an excellent show with excellent acting performances. The play’s many musical numbers are well-choreographed and people can tell that the cast has put in many hours to ensure their choreography is top-notch.

The stand-out performances of the show are Bell as Damian Hubbard and Wilson as Janis Sarkisian. Serving as narrators of the show in addition to their role in the story, they have a strong chemistry together and their comedic timing delivers plenty of laughs. Bell delivers an incredible vocal performance throughout the show.

Remaining performances of  “Mean Girls” will be held at the Boyle County Performing Arts Center on April 18, 19, and 20. For more information or ticket reservations, go to