Local employers invited to participate in Fair Chance Academy workshop

Published 3:15 pm Friday, April 26, 2024

Employers have an opportunity to make a positive impact in their community and transform their workforce. The Kentucky Chamber Foundation encourages local businesses to participate in the upcoming Regional Fair Chance Academy workshop, scheduled for May 8 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Boyle County Extension Office.

This event is part of a broader initiative under the Foundation’s Workforce Recovery Program aimed at supporting inclusive employment practices.

The Fair Chance Academy has made significant strides since its launch in May 2022, with four cohorts of businesses now equipped to implement Fair Chance hiring practices successfully. This workshop provides business leaders with valuable insights and resources for employing individuals from fair chance populations.

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Research underlines the importance of such initiatives, noting a higher rate of employee retention when employers provide supportive resources. This is particularly pertinent in Boyle County, where the unemployment rate stands at 5.5%, significantly above the national average of 3.8%. The Fair Chance Academy addresses this by educating employers on the human resource challenges and opportunities associated with hiring from these often-overlooked pools of talent.

“The Fair Chance Academy unlocks vital information, strategies, and resources, leveraging every organization’s greatest asset—its people,” said Steve Rinehart, a retired HR professional.

“The impact of adopting fair chance hiring practices goes beyond just filling vacancies and addressing staff retention—it transforms lives and enhances workforce productivity,” said Brandi Hon from the Kentucky Chamber Foundation. “We invite you to join us to not only learn but also become a leader in fostering an inclusive workplace.”

Businesses looking to participate in this transformative workshop are encouraged to apply soon as spaces are limited. For more information on how to apply and to view the event flyer, visit KentuckyComeback.com/FairChanceAcademy.

Empower yourself and your workforce by joining this pivotal event. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your hiring practices and make a substantial impact in your community.