Chick-fil-A entrance reopening faces delays

Published 4:45 pm Tuesday, April 30, 2024

During the Danville City Commission meeting on April 22, Kinder Morgan Vice President Allen Fore delivered an update to the commission on the reopening of the Chick-fil-A entrance off of the Danville Bypass.

Fore explained further that soil compaction will be needed to meet the grade required by the city before paving and that weather has delayed that process. In addition, some further work will need to be done to correct drainage issues with the landscaping. The road is now expected to open in May.

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“Everyone is focused on doing this as quickly and safely as possible,” Fore said. “I’m confident with what I have seen and the plans we have laid out that we will meet a May opening date. We operate natural gas pipelines and you have to be very specific about crossings on that. I am encouraged by the progress so far and confident it will be open very soon.”

The commission passed the second reading of Ordinance 2029. The ordinance certifies alternative alcohol server/seller training programs in addition to the Kentucky Public Protection Cabinet Server Training in Alcohol Regulation, or S.T.A.R. program.

In Kentucky, S.T.A.R. training is not required but recommended for anybody who sells or serves alcohol and teaches things such as not serving intoxicated customers. Similar training has been developed by other entities. Employees who sell alcohol in Danville will now have more options on where to get their training.