Remembering Officer Aaron Sparks

Published 3:21 pm Thursday, May 2, 2024


Although it has been more than three months since Danville Police Officer Aaron Sparks passed away from cancer, his presence in the department has been missed. To honor his memory, Danville officers have created a shrine to honor Sparks.

“Each time we walk into the briefing room it is the first thing we see,” said Danville Police Officer and long-time friend of Sparks, Adam Wilson.  “It reminds us of who Sparks was and what we are doing out here. It is an uplifting reminder for us.”

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A Bang energy drink is kept on the shrine, one of Sparks’ favorite drinks.

“He was well known for drinking Bangs daily,” Wilson said. “Any time we see a Bang it makes us think of Sparks.”

Wilson and Sparks began working at the Danville Police Department at roughly the same time and worked closely together for the eight years that Sparks was a Danville officer. Sparks was known for his willingness to serve the community and his fellow officers.

“He was always known for being there to help you out no matter what you needed,” Wilson said. “If you called on Sparks, he was going to be there to help you out. He served in the U.S. Army for about 10 years. It was part of who he was. He was born to serve and that was all he ever knew. He was a leader. He served others no matter what capacity it was.”

Sparks was known around the department for being serious about staying fit and being healthy.

“The first time I met him it took me a while to warm up to him because he was just such a big intimidating guy,” Wilson said. “I joked that I was glad he was on our side because I didn’t want to fight him. He was such a good partner to have any time you were out on the street or on a call.”

Although each day is a little easier, his absence is still felt throughout the department.

“It has been pretty tough,” Wilson said. “We are learning to move on without one of our family members. The memory is always there. Something happens or somebody says something that makes you think of Sparks. It is helpful to know how loved he was, how much he loved his community, and the great things he did while he served here. He left a lasting legacy in the police department.”