Local Eagle Scout and Garden Club dedicate new Bluebird Trail

Published 2:00 pm Sunday, May 26, 2024


Clark’s Run Trail, a popular walking and biking trail in Danville, has some new views of nature this spring in the form of bluebird nest boxes.

The official dedication of the Bluebird Trail was held at the Stanford Road trailhead of Clark’s Run Trail on May 18. To earn the title of Eagle Scout, Will Wilson of Boy Scout Troop 119 partnered with the Garden Club of Danville to add houses for bluebirds along the trail.

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“I was looking for a local project, I wanted to help the community out,” Wilson said. “The garden club needed to complete their spring project, the Bluebird Trail.  I pitched in to help build the houses and build the trail. The habitat along the trail is perfect for the bluebirds. You have woods and low grassy areas along the trail.”

Wilson was inspired to build the boxes by his grandfather.

“My grandfather builds bluebird houses like these and gives them to the community. I thought this would be a good way to continue that tradition,” Wilson said.

The 30 nest boxes along the trail were then hand painted by members of the Garden Club.

Garden Club of Kentucky President Susan Throneberry explained that urbanization has resulted in declining bluebird populations, and constructing habitats for them is vital.

“Bluebirds are cavity nesters,” Throneberry said. “They like to live in rotting trees and fence posts. Those things are gone because no one wants a dead tree in the yard. With the metal posts replacing wooden fence posts, the bluebirds don’t have a place to nest. We are working to reestablish their habitat.”

Bluebirds’ colors change throughout the year.

“There is nothing more beautiful than a bluebird,” Throneberry. “The male bluebird has bright, shiny, and happy colors. Females will be more subtle. In the spring, they are bright blue with orange chests. They are very distinguishable.”

Clark’s Run Trail runs from Michael Smith Park to Stanford Road, then all the way to Henson Park on East Main Street. The entrance from Stanford Road is located across from David Road, with parking available on McClure Drive next to the village apartments.