DISD and Friends of the Arts announce the “The Arts Hall of Fame”

Published 3:30 pm Tuesday, May 28, 2024

The Arts Hall of Fame, a new annual award recognizing excellence in the Arts in the Danville Schools, will be awarded for the first time in 2024.

Initiated by Friends of the Arts (F.O.A.) and inspired by the Sports Hall of Fame, the Arts Hall of Fame will celebrate the extensive history of arts excellence in the Danville Schools.

“We are excited to recognize the long tradition of distinction in the arts in the Danville Schools through the newly created Arts Hall of Fame,” said Jane Dewey, Director of Arts Education in the Danville Schools. “What a joyous way to celebrate our former DISD students and faculty/staff who contributed to this legacy during their time with the Danville Schools and have continued making an impact in the arts throughout the years.”

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With the Arts Hall of Fame, the District and Friends of the Arts hope not only to celebrate former Danville students and former Danville employees but also to celebrate the many years and varied ways inclusive arts excellence has been integrated into the Danville Schools experience.

“As a student in the Danville schools in the ’80s and ’90s, I experienced how arts education is a defining element of the Danville schools.” said Ann Goodwin, a Danville native and current Chair of F.O.A., “And, as I hear stories across the community, it’s beautifully clear that this history goes back decades before my time. I am grateful for the opportunity for Friends of the Arts to recognize so many talented artists and educators who created a lifelong appreciation of arts for so many in our community.”

Founded in 2018, Friends of the Arts is a group of educators, community members, and Danville parents under the leadership of its Chair and the Director of Arts Education in the Danville Schools. Through volunteer work, planning, awards, and fundraising, the F.O.A. serve to support, promote, and engage with the arts in the Danville schools.

Nominees for the Arts Hall of Fame should be individuals who have excelled in their respective arts fields, either during their time with Danville Schools and/or since leaving Danville Schools. Nominees can also be individuals who foster and facilitate the development of other artists.  All nominees will be evaluated based on their contribution to the arts while part of the Danville School community, their contributions to the arts outside of Danville schools, and how they have empowered other artists.  You can submit your nomination by the deadline of June 10 here: