Danville Police Blotter

Published 6:15 pm Wednesday, May 29, 2024

This document serves as a quick overview of some recent calls for service by the Danville Police Department. It does not include every call or detail related to each incident; names, specific street addresses and most traffic stops have been omitted.

  • Aggressive Dogs-Holtsclaw Ave.

Assistance given.

  • Alarm-UPS


  • Neighbor Dispute-Nichols Terr.

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Verbal only over criminal allegations.

  • Found Property-W. Main St.

Wallet found and given to police.

  • Open 911 Line-Fivestar

Check complete.

  • Open 911 Line-New Vista

Check complete.

  • Neighbor Dispute-Nichols Terr.

Same issue, resolved.

  • Theft-W. Lexington Ave.

Stolen money, unfounded.

  • Disturbance-Walmart

Large group dispersed.

  • Investigation-Brick and Brews

Male walking in carrying what appeared to be a weapon.  Premises checked.

  • Disturbance-Centre College

Assisted public safety disbursing students.

  • Shoplifting-Walmart

Arrest made.

  • Talk to officer-Berwick

Options given, civil matter.

  • Criminal Mischief-Marathon

Nail in tire, believed to be intentional.

  • Alarm-Adams St.


  • Burglary-Louise St.

Nothing missing, no forced entry found.

  • Collision-E. Main/Alta


  • Collision-Stonehill/Goggin


  • Shoplifting-CVS

Arrest made for possession of meth and drug paraphernalia.

  • Agency Assist-Forest Ave.

Assisted social services.

  • Open 911-Madison/McKinley


  • Theft-Burkley Dr.

Items stolen from unlocked vehicle.

  • Disturbance-2nd St.

Male walking and yelling at people.  Unable to locate.

  • Harassment-Zaxby’s

Juvenile matter, options given.

  • Check Welfare-McDonalds/Jane Tr.

Subject throwing up and acting erratic.  Arrest made/public intoxication.