Pet of the Week

Published 2:30 pm Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Our Pet(s) of the Week are Anderson and Bright, two darling orange kitties that lived outside on Centre’s campus with their mom and little brother.

When Boyle County residents find a free-roaming, healthy feline outside, DBCHS provides free spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, and ear-tipping through the Community Cat Program. Once fixed, the cats are returned to their outdoor home, which reduces the number of new litters, strengthens community immunity, and prevents new cats from moving in.

Every rule has exceptions: ill, injured, and truly abandoned cats or kittens require more than the Community Cat Program offers. So when a Good Samaritan found a mama with three vulnerable babies they called Cody, our community cat coordinator.

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When Cody arrived, the runt of the litter was having seizures, so the feline family went to a foster home for specialized care.

Carmichael is getting better and still under observation, but his two siblings are ready to go home!

Anderson and Bright are a hoot! They were healthy but skittish and needed time to adjust. Since then they’ve grown confident, affectionate, and super-kittenish.

They’ll be snuggling, dead asleep, and when their foster mom opens the door, Anderson and Bright come running and meowing for attention. Until you put out their food at mealtime. Then the cuties race to their delicious slurry of wet food and kitten replacement milk!

When they’re not cuddling up in a little ball of fur or slurping at mealtime, they take turns pouncing on catnip-filled toys and bouncing around the room. They’ve grown to love the wand toy, joyfully leaping into the air to capture the feathered end. Anderson and Bright reliably use the litter box and keep themselves clean with regular grooming.

Anderson and Bright will be ready for surgery in a few weeks; adopt now and pick your little kitten up from the vet. Or, foster to adopt and take your kitty home to bond with you until they’re big enough for surgery. Apply now:, and email for more information. You can be a foster, too! Sign up to save lives: DBCHS is open to the public from 1-4 pm Monday through Friday, and we hope to see you soon!