Boyle BOE recognizes student groups

Published 4:35 pm Thursday, June 13, 2024

The Boyle County School Board recognized many students and teachers at their May 16 meeting for recent achievements.

The following groups received certificates: BCMS and BCHS Archery Teams, Odyssey of the Mind students, CKEC Outstanding Educators, CKEC Innovative Teacher of the Year, Deeper Learning Cadre, and Best of Boyle teachers and employees of the year.

Archery BCHS 

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6th / 53 teams in 3D 

36th / 145 teams in Bullseye 

  • Hayden Martin placed 21st in high school boys in Bullseye. 
  • Serinna Adams placed 18th in high school girls in Bullseye. 
  • Hayden Martin placed 4th in High School boys in 3D. 
  • Logan Flaugh placed 8th in High School boys in 3D. 

Archery BCMS 

5th / 55 teams in 3D 

5th / 136 teams in Bullseye 

  • Bryleigh Rankin placed 6th in 6th grade girls with a 281/300 in Bullseye. 
  • Jackson Mertz placed 1st in middle school boys with a 291/300 in Bullseye. 

KHSAA Archery Team Recognition 

Girls team took 2nd place in the region and 12th in the state. 

Boys took 1st in the region and 4th in the state. 

Archery Coaches: Roby Mullins, Kelly Mullins and Chris Brown

Odyssey of the Mind 

BCMS, Problem 5 Team: 1st Place at State, World Finalist 

  • Addison Holland 
  • Alex Hagans 
  • Mary Moss 
  • Kenzy Neyhouse 
  • Cora Long 
  • Madelyn Wilkerson 
  • Camden Heist 

BCMS, Problem 3 Team: 3rd Place at State 

  • Malachi Leischner 
  • Emma Morton 
  • Norman Mack 
  • Chandler Royalty 
  • Annelies Smith 
  • Zoe Zimmerman 
  • Corban Cooper 

BCHS, Problem 3 Team: 1st Place at State, World Finalist 

  • Ariel Plott 
  • Caleb Plott 
  • Nathan Snow 
  • Penny Woodruff 
  • Cadence Rogers 
  • Mahala Lanham 
  • Olivia Lanham 

High School Coaches: Carrie Snow, Tanya Plott Middle School Coaches: Landon & Felicia Leischner.

CKEC Outstanding Educators 

Faith Russell 

Mitch Wilkerson. 

CKEC Innovative Teacher of the Year 

Alaina Cooper 

Deeper Learning Cadre 

  • Alaina Cooper 
  • Ashlin Kendrick 
  • Brittany McCowan 
  • Danielle Burke 
  • Eli Edwards 
  • Kathy Weeks 
  • Mary Rush 
  • McKinley Rush 
  • Michael Daniels 
  • Nathan Davis.

Enrollment for Boyle County is now at 2,801.

  • Junction City Elementary: 384
  • Perryville Elementary: 282
  • Woodlawn Elementary: 627
  • Boyle County Middle School: 640
  • Boyle County High School: 868

In other business, the board: 

  • Approved a new position of After-School Program Coordinator for 185 Days, six hours and 45 minutes a day as a Classified District Position. The position will begin July 1, 2024.
  • Approved the Orientation and Standard Operation Guidelines and Family Handbook for the Boyle County Early Learning Center.