New Danville wayfinding signs installed

Published 3:30 pm Tuesday, June 18, 2024

The City of Danville, in coordination with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, has recently completed what would be considered “phase 1” of a community wayfinding project. 19 new large signs have been installed to show the way to some of Danville’s major attractions and assets.

After the years-long design and permitting process, the signs were installed primarily along the Danville bypass, but also throughout town. The initial signage follows KYTC standards including a limit of three destinations per sign and strict installation guidelines. More signs can be expected to be installed in the future in other areas of the community.

A wayfinding signage program is a tool used in communities to aid in the exploration and discovery of its assets. Wayfinding signage simplifies navigation, and offers attractive “branding” across the community, creating a shared sense of pride recognized by residents and visitors.

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The City of Danville officially began the process of developing a Community Wayfinding program in 2017. The lengthy process requires several stages of public input, design, and permitting by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

Most often, wayfinding signs are found on major routes which are maintained by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, who has strict guidelines on the design, size, and placement of the wayfinding signage. See a sample of the guidelines here.

Once a design is approved, various permits must be obtained before the signage can be created or installed. With interruptions created by the COVID-19 Pandemic, as well as various design changes prompted by KYTC restrictions, the City of Danville’s adoption of a new brand and logo, and changes to destinations, the Wayfinding Master Plan met many revisions before a “family of signs” was adopted and approved by both the City of Danville Board of Commissioners and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

The initial plan can be found here.

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