EMRMC offering new technology to treat blood clots

Published 3:15 pm Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center (EMRMC) is now offering Lightning Flash 2.0 (Penumbra, Inc.), the latest software in computer-assisted vacuum thrombectomy (CAVT) that is designed for physicians to quickly and efficiently remove large blood clots in the body such as pulmonary embolisms (PE) or venous thrombus. As many as 900,000 people in the United States are affected by venous thromboembolisms. These blood clots are complicated to diagnose and, if not treated quickly, can be life-threatening.

This technology is being used by Dr. R. Cameron Henzman, an interventional radiologist who has been on the staff at EMRMC since August 2022.

“This latest advancement, Lightning Flash 2.0, can help remove blood clots quicker and less invasively than other interventional methods,” said Dr. Henzman. “We can now remove blood clots in minutes, which ultimately can improve patient outcomes and allow patients to return home quickly.”

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Before this technology became available, the standard treatment for blood clots in the body was medication, requiring most patients to be hospitalized in an Intensive Care Unit for days or weeks.  The new technology is minimally invasive and allows patients to return home sooner and with less disability.

Cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) earlier this year, Lightning Flash 2.0 features the most advanced CAVT software, which is designed to enable physicians to restore blood flow to the lungs and veins more quickly and further minimize blood loss. Lightning Flash 2.0 is part of Penumbra’s Indigo System with Lightning portfolio, which is the only CAVT thrombectomy system currently available in the U.S. Early data has shown that CAVT can improve clinical outcomes and quality of life.

Penumbra’s Lightning Flash 2.0 includes advanced clot detection algorithms, designed for increased speed during the procedure and increased sensitivity to thrombus and blood flow. These advancements combined with Penumbra’s catheter technology allow physicians to better navigate the body’s complex anatomy and deliver high vacuum power for clot removal. Additionally, with streamlined audio-visual feedback, Lightning Flash 2.0 enables physicians to have a better understanding of what is occurring in the aspiration system during a procedure. This enhanced feedback loop results in a more intuitive thrombus removal experience for the physician designed to achieve a safer procedure for patients.