Parklet installed at Bluegrass Pizza and Pub

Leaves are scattered across the tables at the parklet in front of Bluegrass Pizza and Pub on Main Street on Nov. 13. During the month of October, the parklet was underway and is now completed. This is one effort to make downtown more pedestrian-friendly and provide more outdoor seating. According to a press release from the city of Danville, “The guiding principles crafted in the City of Danville’s Downtown Masterplan … are to connect people, places and culture, infill blocks and to make streets for people. Parklets are an example of a practical application of these ideas.” The release also said parklets are an inexpensive infrastructure innovation option, and to construct the one in front of Bluegrass Pizza and Pub, it took the place of two parking spots. A second parklet is being considered for Main Street. One benefit of parklets, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to City Manager Earl Coffey’s comments included in the press release, are that since they allow for more outdoor seating, this can be helpful to businesses