Preliminary election results are in; final totals could come around noon Monday

Some mail-in votes are still not counted, but as of 8 p.m. tonight, here are the totals recorded for voters in Boyle County. Currently, there are approximately 500 mail-in ballots that are yet to be tallied at this time, as well as approximately 150 mail-in ballots that have not yet reached the clerk’s office, for a total of about 650 uncounted ballots at this time. According to Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom, the deadline is 5 p.m. Friday. Bottom said totals will probably be finalized over the weekend, with results expected to be reported around noon on Monday, Nov. 9, if not earlier.
More updates will be made as they are available.

President/Vice President

Donald Trump/Mike Pence: 8211
Joe Biden/Kamala Harris: 4773
Jo Jorgensen/Jeremy “Spike” Cohen: 196
Kanye West/Michelle Tidball: 56
Brock Pierce/Karla Ballard: 21

U.S. Senate

Mitch McConnell: 7764
Amy McGrath: 4957
Brad Barron: 562

U.S. House – 2nd Cong. Dist.

Brett Guthrie: 8349
Hank Linderman: 4361
Lewis Carter: 83
Robert Lee Perry: 264

State Rep. 54th Rep. Dist. 

Daniel Elliott: 8208
Lydia Coffey: 4828

City commission – Danville

Kevin Caudill: 3258
Rick Serres: 2618
James “JH” Atkins: 3437
Jennie Hollon: 3056
Denise Terry: 2722

City council – Junction City

Vickie Bowling: 550
Bill McCowan: 575
Steve Martin: 434
Connie Vernon: 465
Mary Hurst: 472
Jackie Antle: 588

Constitutional amendment 1

Yes: 7081
No: 4481

Constitutional amendment 2

Yes: 3875
No: 7971