Lincoln Sheriff’s Deputy receives Purple Heart

Published 9:03 am Thursday, September 28, 2017

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputy Colby Reik has been awarded the Purple Heart award for wounds he received in the line of duty in January. Reik was wounded in the arm as a result of gun fire. 

“This is just one small token for the service that he has given to our county,” said Lincoln County Sheriff Curt Folger. “Our lives are in danger at all times, but I’m glad this is the only Purple Heart that we’ve ever had to give and hope it’s the last one.” 

Folger said law enforcement agents never know when they leave their homes whether they will return. 

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“I thank God every day that I’ve got a good team that knows how to do their job,” he said. 

Reik said it’s honor to receive the award but it’s not one that he ever expected to receive. 

“I’ve always seen on the news and other things, other people get the award, knowing what an honor it is to serve your community and  country and get an award like this. It’s just a privilege,” he said. 

Reik was also awarded the Gallantry Award for displaying actions above and beyond the call of duty.