The scoop on newspapers

Published 6:12 pm Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Abigail Whitehouse speaks with a Boyle County Middle School class recently about what it takes to be a journalist. Whitehouse, the former editor of The Interior Journal and now a freelancer, received questions from the kids about covering crimes and how she uses her Nikon camera, for example. The class, taught by first-year teacher Adrian Waddell, is called Eagle Essentials. Waddell said it’s a related arts class, and he often brings individuals in who make the list of careers the kids offer up on a poll he takes at the  beginning of the year about careers they’re interested in. Whitehouse spoke to them about their responsibilities regarding democracy, and how they need to begin paying attention to newspaper coverage during election time. “It will be up to you to pick our leaders. And as taxpayers, it’s important to be well-informed about where your money is being spent,” she said.

Bryce Caldwell, Ethan Montgomery, Eli Short and Lillian Brennan take a look at newspapers while Abigail Whitehouse shows Joey Chen her camera in the background.

Isabella Mays, Joey Chen, center, asks Abigail Whitehouse about the hardest part of being a journalist. She is sitting with Isabella Mays, left, and Emily Messer.

Bryce Caldwell, left, and Ethan Montgomery listen to Abigail Whitehouse talk about being a reporter.

Abigail Whitehouse gets cracked up over a question a student asks.

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