Man who fled from police found asleep on KSP trooper’s porch

Published 12:30 pm Friday, April 19, 2024

CRAB ORCHARD – A man who managed to escape a police pursuit decided to stop and rest overnight on a stranger’s porch.

Little did he know, that porch belonged to Kentucky State Police Trooper Matt Hutti.

The officer’s wife, Melanie Hutti, said her husband discovered the intruder on their back porch Friday morning.

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“The dogs were barking after we let them out,” she said.

Hutti went outside to find Kenneth E. Shelton, 53, asleep on a cushion behind the porch bar.

Shelton had fled from law enforcement the night before, according to Det. Sgt. Michael Mullins.

He was being pursued for careless driving.

When he was located on the porch the following morning, Shelton had the keys to the vehicle police were pursuing the night before in his pocket, Mullins said.

Shelton was placed in handcuffs and the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Hutti’s residence at about 7 a.m.  Friday morning.

Shelton was arrested by Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputy Ron Luster and charged with second-degree criminal trespassing.

According to the citation, Shelton illegally entered and remained upon the premises, which is gated and has “No Trespassing” signs posted.

Melanie Hutti said it was very unnerving and she was glad her husband was home.

“I mean what would be the chances that he would run from the cops and then take shelter at a trooper’s house?” she said.