Pet of the Week

Published 3:55 pm Tuesday, April 30, 2024

The Pet of the Week is a young cat with big golden – sometimes greenish- eyes and soft, muted-gray fur. Meet Luvabelle!

Called Luvvie for short, this gal gave birth to two sickly babies and she went to a foster home to care for her little ones. Unfortunately, she lost both kits, which was a huge setback for Luvvie, and on top of that she had an upper respiratory infection. She needed rest and a quiet space to recover from the illness and stress, and she did! Now that she’s feeling better and less anxious, Luvvie is ready to find a family of her own.

Her foster says this about Luvabelle: She was extremely fearful for the first week and hid every time I came in to feed her or clean her litter box; but, eventually, she didn’t run away. However, Luvabelle still didn’t want to interact. It took three weeks for her to settle in and let me pet her!

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It turns out that underneath her anxiety is a deep desire to get pets and ear scratches. She might be wary at first but as soon as you rub her chin it’s all over. When she’s feeling particularly affectionate, she’ll give you a head bonk and even lick your face or hands!

Luvvie will be fixed and vaccinated, and is ready to go home today. Email to set up a meet and greet, and apply now:

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