Perryville pumpkin pickers, having a gourd old time

Published 6:12 am Tuesday, October 23, 2018

All  students at Perryville Elementary School got to pick out their own pumpkins to decorate this fall, thanks to a family’s generous donation of 300 pumpkins Monday morning.

The couple, who want to stay anonymous, brought the pumpkins and set them all out in rows next to the school building so the children could easily walk between them and choose their favorite shape.

When it was time for the kindergartners to pick their pumpkins, students in the fifth grade paired up with each child and carried their selections back into the classroom, because many of the gourds weighed about as much as the younger kids. Then, the older students got to come out again for their own fun.

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A school secretary said the family has donated pumpkins before, but this was the first year everyone in the school got one.