Valvoline assistant manager gives back to community that helped him

Published 7:41 pm Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Brooks Evans was attending high school in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana in 2005. He wanted to graduate on time but, “It was a tight situation in New Orleans,” Brooks says in a quiet voice.

Sitting in the small lobby at Valvoline Instant Oil Change on Hustonville Road where he’s assistant store manager, Brooks says his mom’s brother, Vaughn Little, who’s a former Danville educator and football coach, offered for Brooks to move to Danville, live with him and finish his high-school education.

Brooks Evans has worked at Valvoline Instant Oil Change in Danville for eight years. He’s also attending college to earn a degree in business administration. Photo by Robin Hart.

“School is the number one reason I came to Kentucky,” Brooks says. “Vaugn Little is my uncle and one of my best friends.”

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Brooks played football at Danville High School and graduated in 2007. And he stayed in the area.

“There are colleges and universities everywhere,” so he’s continuing his education right here where he planted roots, Brooks says.

Not only does Brooks work 40 hours a week at Valvoline — where he’s been employed for eight years — he’s also studying business administration at Campbellsville University’s Conover Center in Harrodsburg.

“I’m so proud of it,” he says with a big grin. He has about one year left to earn his degree after this semester.

And he enjoys working for the Valvoline company, he adds.

“Valvoline assists with a lot of things,” and the company takes care of its employees, he says.

Brooks didn’t know a whole lot about vehicle mechanics when he started at Valvoline. What little he did know was from his grandfather and uncles, whom he visited in Florida during summers. They taught him how to put on brakes and shocks and do tune-ups.

Brooks says he usually works directly with the customers by guiding them into the garage, filling out work orders on the computer, and talking to the customer about any concerns they may have about their vehicle.

Other jobs Brooks has undertaken to earn a little extra money include a stint as a cook at a local Mexican restaurant and a driver for a local retired minister. “It was also an opportunity to learn something new.”

Brooks says he always wants to learn something new. He is married and helping to raise two children.

“It tickles me because they pick up on some of my tendencies. They require proof, verification” of what anyone tells them, he says proudly.

He’s also proud of the work he and his team do at Valvoline. “We have the best team in America; in the world.”

Brooks says he plans to stay here in Danville. “I made this place my home. I believe in community. And with a good education, I can help my community out.”

He says because “someone looked out for me,” he wants to do the same for other youth and the elderly here in Danville.

“Good works in the community always pays off.”