KYTC District 7 continue to patrol and treat routes

Published 7:47 pm Wednesday, February 10, 2021

KY Transportation cabinet

News release

District 7 forces, along with contractors, have worked since early morning hours treating roadways in Central Kentucky. A mix of wintry precipitation has included freezing rain, wet roads, sleet and snow. Each of the 12 counties in District 7 are assessed for treatment individually based on need. Counties within the district vary with terrain and location. This means a variety of conditions can be present with regard to the precipitation received.

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The winter storm event that began Tuesday evening is forecasted to continue through Friday. A combination of low temperatures, and ice can produce slick road conditions, downed limbs/trees and power outages (including signals). If you encounter a non-working/dark traffic signal, treat it as a four-way stop. Once a signal is restored, it can take time for signals along a route to work in a coordinated manner.

Motorists should be aware that glazing, refreezing, and black ice can occur on previously treated routes. Bridges, overpasses, and ramps typically freeze before surface level roadways. Salt is less effective when temperatures are below 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

State crews focus on keeping high priority routes passable. High priority roadways include interstates and parkways. Heavily traveled state routes are then addressed and afterwards, lower volume routes. The traveling public could expect delays for personnel to treat some routes pending on their priority.

The impact of this winter event is expected to continue over several days. Debris clean-up (limbs, branches, mud, gravel, etc.) is included with crew responsibilities. This is in addition to road clearing efforts. Winter events pose a variety of dangers to the employees who have the responsibility of clearing snow and ice.

Motorists should avoid unnecessary travel. If you must drive:

• Reduce your speed

• Give drivers of snow plow trucks adequate space when following

• Don’t drive on the shoulders of the road

• Do not try to pass a snow plow truck

Forecast from the National Weather Service:

Information about KYTC snow & ice removal efforts:

District 7 includes:  Anderson, Bourbon, Boyle, Clark, Fayette, Garrard, Jessamine, Madison, Mercer, Montgomery, Scott, and Woodford Counties

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