Motorcyclists appeal: Clear grass clippings when mowing

Published 1:00 pm Sunday, June 6, 2021

With spring now turning to summer, frequent mowing often means that grass clippings end up on roadways throughout Boyle County.

In our roles as magistrates with many miles of road frontage, we are both receiving calls from constituents that slippery fresh grass clippings pose a serious danger to motorcycle riders.

Highway officials report that grass clippings are 85% water, adding greatly to the perils of motorcyclists driving over them. Essentially they become like a sheet of unanticipated ice on roadways.

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The average motorcycle has fewer than three square feet in contact with the road. Traction with that limited surface area is all but totally compromised when riding on grass!

From the standpoint of land owners as well as professional lawn services, there have been numerous lawsuits filed and won across America when cyclists have been injured or killed due to grass in front of businesses and homes. That alone is a major reason for all of us to exercise care when mowing near our roads in Boyle County.

Once again referencing highway official reports, in a given situation a motorcyclist has just two seconds to react to a dangerous circumstance. And coming over a rise or around a curve, on seeing grass clippings that brief time can be reduced to zero.

Please, for all those living near Boyle County roadways, finish mowing by blowing all grass clippings back into your yard.

Your action in doing this will make our roads safe for all to travel.

Tom V. Ellis

First District Magistrate

Jason M. Cullen

Fourth District Magistrate

Boyle County Fiscal Court

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