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Published 2:00 pm Tuesday, June 29, 2021

I recently read the article “Local newspapers need your support” and couldn’t agree more!

I want to note that buried deep in the article was the mention of the Local Journalism Sustainability Act or LJSA. Take note readers- this legislation if passed, would give a tax credit for your newspaper subscription.  Now more than ever, we need non-partisan support of journalism, and newspapers especially.

Newspapers provide a way to read the news, as it used to occur- without staring at a screen. It is different, and it pulls you in and engages you more than a screen.  Of course, people do learn and process information much differently today than just 10 or 20 years ago; but I don’t think many would agree anyway that we ( or at least I) can get away from a screen is a good thing.

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But on another matter, we need our newspapers to grow again in content.  My dad was a circulation manager for an area in Eat Tennessee and I grew up with newspapers – selling them, delivering them, reading them. A coworker had the Sunday paper for our largest city on her desk and I lifted it up to see the headline. Wow- how empty…and for $3.99.

After we moved from home, my father used to get his children a paper subscription to our local paper, sent to them in the mail. That’s probably one of the greatest gifts I can remember because I know it meant a lot to him, and it did keep us all informed of our hometown.   I’d encourage anyone in this area to do the same if you’re from this area.

Full disclosure— I’ve moved a bit and my children struggle to identify what is “home.” However, if we lose our newspapers, future generations won’t be able to identify what a newspaper is either.

Thank you to the staff of The Advocate-Messenger for your good work!

Carlton Clay


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