From Our Files Dec. 28, 2021

Published 8:25 am Tuesday, December 28, 2021

100 YEARS AGO —1921
• Nineteen boys and girls have enrolled into the newly organized Baby Beef Club in Boyle County. Boyle County Farm Bureau and local farmers and veterinarians helped form organization. After raising their animals, youths plan to exhibit in county and state fairs.

• Local school superintendent Professor L.C. Baldwin talked about overcrowding in the schools. He said 947 children are enrolled in the high and elementary schools. “The teachers have too many children to give proper instruction,’’ he said.

• John H. Perry, a former Centre College student, was named president of the American Press Association in New York City. He also is president the Publishers’ Autocaster Service in New York.

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• Dr. John Stout, proprietor of Stout’s Theatre, was appointed Master Commissioner of Boyle County Circuit Court. Circuit Judge Charles A. Hardin of Harrodsburg offered the appointment to Stout as a “Christmas gift”.

75 YEARS AGO – 1946
• Danville placed fifth among the sites of 14 burley selling markets with an average of $43.03 rolled up at burley tobacco warehouses on the sale of 560,642 pounds of leaf for $241,270. Sales closed for the holidays and will reopen in January.

• The annual Candlelight Carol service was scheduled at Second Street Presbyterian Church. The Rev. Barney Elis Mcclean, pastor, announced. The public was invited to the Feast of Carols and Lights.

• Nine turkeys were won in a turkey shoot at the Chrisman farm on Lancaster Pike by Lee Preston, Bob Lay, Ross Kelly, Morris Crain, W.D. Crain, Simon Gilliam L. Durham and G.D. Holcomb. Boyle Fish and Game Club hosted the event.

• Danville Kiwanis Club held a Christmas party for seven boys. Each received an outfit of clothing, haircut, Christmas package of candy and gifts, and a turkey dinner at the Gilcher Hotel.

50 YEARS AGO – 1971
• Danville City Commission is working on improvements to its water system and fire protection with the hope of getting a lower rating fire insurance.

• George M. McClure III was appointed Boyle County attorney to succeed George R. Silliman, who resigned.

• The Salvation Army Christmas Kettle contributions were running ahead of last year’s contributions. The donations to date were $1,997, $456 ahead of last year. Another $500 was needed to fill all the orders for Christmas baskets and toys and new shoes for 100 school children.

• Prizes were given to winners in decorating contest for houses in the local Jaycees’s annual decorating contest. First place in the overall category went to Mr. and Mrs. Mack Selby of Forest Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Mann of Brookhaven Drive was first in the front door decorating.

25 YEARS AGO — 1996
• Eight separate weather-related traffic accidents along the south section of the bypass near the intersection of Hustonville Road. None of the people in the accidents were injured, police said.

• George Grider and Scott Bowling received volunteer leadership awards from the Christian Church Homes of Kentucky for volunteer work with children.

• Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center provided an economic boon to city. Visitors coming to see patients at the hospital spent $592,345 in 1995 in the local economy, not including any medical or hospital bills. Nearly 70,000 people visited inpatients at the hospital.