Shelby Greene boil water advisory lifted, city continues to investigate cause of fungus

Published 4:01 pm Tuesday, November 1, 2022

It has been brought to the attention of the City of Danville that some water customers in the Shelby  Greene Subdivision have experienced suspended particulates in their drinking water. Upon further  investigation, this has been confirmed by the City of Danville. Based on initial laboratory results,  the particulates were identified as a fungus. The City has been actively working to further identify  the fungus to determine remedial measures as needed. Similar types of fungi are commonly found  in soil and water. Similar types of fungus are also sometimes found in public water supply.  

A Boil Water Advisory was implemented for all residents of Shelby Greene Subdivision as a  precautionary measure until further notice. This boil water advisory has now been lifted. 

The City of Danville has stayed in close contact with Kentucky Division of Water, research staff  at University of Kentucky, as well as independent third-party laboratories to address this issue.  Thorough laboratory analysis and procedure takes time. The City appreciates the public’s patience  as further laboratory testing continues in efforts to determine a more definitive description of the  particulates.  

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Typical regulatory drinking water bacteriological testing and residual chlorine testing results  remain normal and within acceptable regulatory requirements per the Kentucky Division of Water.  There currently are no regulatory requirements relative to the presence of fungi or organic matter  availability relative to fungal propagation in drinking water systems. However, the City of  Danville has been proactive in investigating the situation and working to address the issue. Field  tests have concluded no current presence of fungi in the distribution lines and the City will continue  to closely monitor the situation moving forward.  

To the knowledge of the City, such has not been found in any other portion of its public drinking  water system.  

Customers are encouraged to contact the Danville Water Treatment Plant to report any future issue  at 859-238-1241.