Centre College hosts Bonner Sophomore Exchange

Published 4:52 pm Wednesday, March 29, 2023

On Saturday, April 1, Centre College will be welcoming sophomores from Kentucky Wesleyan, Lindsey Wilson, and Berea College for the Kentucky Bonner Sophomore Exchange. The students will be viewing the “We Were Here” exhibit at the Norton Center for the Arts.

“The exhibit is a great example of what Centre calls a community based learning course,” said Jessica Weasner, Centre College director of civic & community engagement and the Bonner Program. “It was a collaboration between the community, Norton Centre, and Centre students. It was an opportunity to highlight this amazing collaboration and shine a light on an untold story. Urban renewal happens all over and it can be an example for students to look at when they return back to their own community.”

After viewing the exhibit, the students will attend workshops and listen to speakers, including Danville Mayor James “J.H.” Atkins and Danville Boyle County African American Historical Society President Michael Hughes.

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The students will then be traveling to the Shelby City African-American Cemetery in Junction City for cleanup and beautification.

“It has historically been neglected, and in recent times there has been vandalism, housing expansion, and fallen trees,” said Centre College Community Outreach & Support Specialist Nathan Whitlock. “With this many hands we hope we can get this space into a state where the Central Kentucky African American Cemetery Association can hand the responsibility of maintaining back to the city or state. We want it to have long term care.”

The visiting students will also be taught how to start similar initiatives in their own communities.

The Bonner Program is a nationwide network of students who use community service and civic engagement to alleviate poverty and improve education. Centre’s program features 60 students who wish to make an impact by serving their community.