New group Resilient Boyle to tackle climate change from local perspective

Published 5:24 pm Thursday, June 8, 2023

Boyle County residents have a history of tackling big problems from a local perspective. Maybe that’s one reason we have come to describe ourselves as “historically bold”. Maybe it’s why we are often seen as a small county with larger-than-normal problem-solving ability in a time of many challenges.

As the facts on climate change and its already-existing effects are reported almost daily in the media, forward-thinking communities across the country are establishing groups to support local education and local answers. Not surprisingly, east and west coastal communities have been some of the first to see the formation of such groups. But, landlocked communities – even in rural areas – are beginning to be concerned enough to do the same.

The unnaturally rapid changes in Kentucky’s climate have become increasingly obvious. These changes include: differences in seasonality, more severe heat waves, period of drought, increases in severity of storms and flooding. The resulting increases in insurance premiums and disruptions to gardening and farming of traditional crops are more and more challenging.

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Started with an initial idea from the Conservation Committee of The Garden Club of Danville, a group of Boyle County residents has begun our community’s group to address climate change. “Resilient Boyle” has been meeting since November to study changing climate, identify what can be done locally to decrease the effects, and to understand the many ways that we in Boyle County can adapt. Resilient Boyle is a non-profit organization formed to inspire Boyle County residents to engage in education and actions toward a healthy climate.

Fortunately, group members have also learned that much education around changes in our local climate, and positive strategies, are already occurring. The Boyle County Extension Office is one excellent example of learning opportunities that are free and accessible to local residents on a variety of topics. The Boyle County Public Library is also already providing much information for children, youth and adults. Both of these resource organizations are critical in building our community’s knowledge and skills base. We should take advantage of the assistance they are providing.

Resilient Boyle members will be offering locally relevant information on a regular basis about these kinds of learning opportunities. Being resilient means being able to rebound, recover, and go forward, in spite of the presence of stressors. Watch for ongoing articles from this group which will help Advocate-Messenger readers be better informed about strategies to live more sustainably in light of changes to our climate. To learn more about this group and how Boyle County can be locally resilient, go to:

Resilient Boyle is a non-profit organization formed to inspire Boyle County residents to engage in education and actions toward a healthy climate.