Parks and Recreation working on several park projects

Published 11:34 am Monday, February 19, 2024

Recently, Danville’s Michael Smith Park has been closed for the installation of a new playground. Danville-Boyle County Parks and Recreation has been working on several projects so that this summer, park goers can enjoy a multitude of updated facilities, and the new Jennie Rogers Community Center.

The Jennie Rogers Community Center project has been in the works for several years and is expected to be open to the public in June.

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“We have toured a few community centers in Lexington and kind of used their models,” said Danville-Boyle Parks and Recreation Executive Director Tommy Barton. “It has the perfect location. You can send your kids here on their bikes with no major highways to cross or hard downtown.”

Part of the center will be a daycare operated by Boyle County Schools, and it will be available to all residents of Danville and Boyle County. Along with the daycare, Jennie Rogers will house a public gym, game room, and computer room.

There will be educational courses and other activities available to both children and adults. The cafeteria will function as a community room with a small kitchen that can be utilized if needed.  At the entrance of the center, there will be a lounge area and café.

“It is not about profits or funds. It is about community service,” Barton said. “Of course, some things will cost like renting out the gym or cafeteria. But on a daily basis, or for after school programs, it will be free.”

To provide educational courses or other programs, Danville-Boyle County Parks and Rec is searching for community partners to offer courses and classes at the center; like pottery, yoga, or parenting classes. Hosting a program at the center may be free or require a cost depending on what the program is.

“We know that we don’t have the staff or skills to teach all these things,” Barton said. “If they provide a service or are a non-profit, we are not going to charge them anything. But if they are here to do classes that are for profit, we are going to charge them. There is a floating scale, and we are flexible.”

Parks and Recreation has been working on several other parks to upgrade them. Cowan Street Park and Henry Jackson Park are having a new playground installed, along with 12 new trees being planted at Jackson.

Millennium Park has new sodding for the soccer field, and the dog park will be improved later in the spring along with 15 new trees.

“I love seeing all the projects,” Barton said. “My motto is constant upgrades. I am all about getting new projects. I love keeping our facilities top notch and I want to see them full. I will do my best to get them used. I love Danville, it is a beautiful town and I am glad to be here.”

If you would like to offer a class at the Jennie Rogers Community Center, contact Tommy Barton at by calling Danville Boyle County Parks and Rec at 859-238-1233 or email