Fiscal Court declares emergency for Rice-Clark bridge

Published 1:30 pm Monday, February 26, 2024

The Fiscal Court declared an emergency closing of the Rice-Clark bridge at their meeting on Feb. 13.

After a recent bridge inspection, the Kentucky Department of Transportation condemned the bridge on Rice-Clark Road. Boyle Road Department Director Roger Johnson said the bridge is on a gravel road that leads to two farms.

The bridge is closed to all traffic, and residences are cut off from emergency services and general access. Johnson said residents are aware of the situation, and are parking on the other side of the bridge.

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The bridge is 40 ft. wide and 8.5 ft. above the ground. Johnson said that as a smaller bridge, it has the potential to be rebuilt more quickly than other larger bridge projects currently in the county.

The Road Department plans to build a new bridge as soon as possible. The Kentucky Emergency Road Aid Funds approved $60,524 for the project.

The emergency funding is to be split, with the state paying for 80% and the county paying for 20%. The county received a check from the state for $48,419, and the county’s responsibility will be $12,104.

Road department crew will do construction on the bridge instead of hiring a contractor.

In other business, the court:

Passed the second reading of Ordinance 280.3, which amends the code of ethics for Boyle County officials, employees and board / committee members. The amendment mainly affects those who serve on county boards, commissions, and advisory groups. It changes how much information they must disclose to serve on a board, and who must complete the financial disclosure forms.

To learn about all the changes to the financial disclosure forms, read the article titled “Court approves financial disclosure requirements” at

The court agreed that for those required to submit the forms who did not do so, or did not fill them out correctly for 2022, that they would not require those people to submit things that are not needed under the new requirements.

The court also passed a motion to put a new ethics page on the county website. Ethics Commission member Joe Myers is working with IT Director Bill Nichols to put one together.

  • Reappointed Jan Bradshaw to the Human Rights Commission.
  • Handed out appreciation certificates to county employees for milestone years of service. James Miller with Solid Waste and Recycling was recognized for five years of service. Judge Executive Assistant Katina Wesley was recognized for 15-plus years of service. Tim Webb was recognized for 20 years of service.