Perryville is the place to be for the 400 Mile Yard Sale


The annual Highway 68 400 Mile Yard Sale is coming June 1-4. Chris Brummet, owner of Perryville Furniture Outlet, is making Perryville the place to be during the sale and has sponsored the sale in Perryville.

“We are the geographic center of the 400 miles,” Brummet said. “There is 200 one way and 200 the other, that is significant. When I saw the leadership for the yard sale and the enthusiasm they are putting into it, I knew we had to encourage them. She wants Perryville to be the destination for everyone. Across the street at The Flower Basket they are having live music and a food truck on that Saturday. We will be open during our regular hours but I have leased spaces here for people who do crafts. Anytime I can synergize with other businesses and people who care about what they do I try to. I want to help bring people to town.”

Director of the yard sale, Tara Hall, hopes that new technology can track the number of participants this year.

“In the past there hasn’t been a way to get accurate data,” Hall said. “This year we have 500 table tents with QR codes we will be distributing along the way to get a better estimate. It is hard when you cover 15 counties, how do you count where people are going? We have revamped our website where we ask everybody who is participating to register their sale. They need a good clear address because it is will be going on a map, we don’t need any directions. We also want them to list the categories of items they are selling. We do that so that people can plot their routes and know if you have something they would be interested in at your yard sale.”

Any item can be sold during the sale.

“They have had cars, houses, land and tractors sold,” Hall said. “There a couple gun shops participating. We even have several humane societies participating running adoptions.”

Hall sees the sale as a way to help bring business to small towns.

“I want to help people discover the Highway 68 towns,” Hall said. “I want people to see all the cool restaurants, businesses and people in these towns.”

For more information about the 400 Mile Yard Sale can be found at To have a booth at the Perryville Furniture Outlet, contact the store at 859-332-2161.